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Aaron's Animals - Employee of the Month
Michael does everything he can to become Employee of the Month.
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Talent: Clark, Mark, Ian Phillips, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Emily Wilson, Kassandra, @MonicaErlin, Becky, Aaron, Michelle, Kijeon, and Jesus.
Thanks for watching!

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Andrew & Jesse
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Nacho, Aaron
Production: Michelle, Micah, Clark


  1. supercoolclark
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    Great video as always! Just dropping in before 5MadMovieMakers swoops in with his signature witty comment.

    1. hello bollywood
      hello bollywood
      6 ימים לפני

      But here Michael is unlucky !

    2. пандочка милый
      пандочка милый
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      Знаешь ты крутой

    3. هلا والله
      هلا والله
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    4. wanpiya pummaputi
      wanpiya pummaputi
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      @Tika Mastikatieke P

    5. Maria Weny
      Maria Weny
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      @Yerko ortiz o IK

  2. bilz sprintrad
    bilz sprintrad
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  3. Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez
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    Nadie habla español

  4. eliaci marques
    eliaci marques
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  5. memes-tastic
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    Meet Michael the real talking tom

  6. Tyrin Orr
    Tyrin Orr
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    awww porr michal

  7. teju Tejaswini G Rao teju
    teju Tejaswini G Rao teju
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    In this day it is my birthday

  8. Woof & Meow
    Woof & Meow
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  9. Emanuel Fraire Alvarado
    Emanuel Fraire Alvarado
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  10. Christoffer Englund
    Christoffer Englund
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    Wow i love it

  11. ข้าวโพดFC 41
    ข้าวโพดFC 41
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    So lovely and very good 🔔🤝🙏

  12. Trish Hart
    Trish Hart
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    I found no pleasure or humor in this one... 🐱

  13. ندى Nada
    ندى Nada
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    Hamm Haram they're making fun of s Kiot ❤️ The cat is poor and God 😢💔😶🙃😮

  14. Rodvelayo 2
    Rodvelayo 2
    5 ימים לפני

    Whoever Reading This 'God Will Protect You to Any Disaster Will Come' And give you a long and a happy life😇😊 Not Asking For subs and likes😊😊

  15. Victor Nanet
    Victor Nanet
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    One cat The god

  16. Victor Nanet
    Victor Nanet
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  17. amartya plabon
    amartya plabon
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  18. Asma Pathan
    Asma Pathan
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    I want this cat

  19. # amv#
    # amv#
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  20. kengabriel Aruta
    kengabriel Aruta
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  21. Haron Moh
    Haron Moh
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  22. Abi Munson
    Abi Munson
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    At 1:36 LOL OMG WATCH THE OTHER DUDE BEHIND MICHALS DAD .. 😌🙂😇😇😇😇😅😀😃😄😁😁😁😁😆😆😅😅😂🤣🤣😅🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣😅🤣😂😅😂😅😅😂😂😇😂😂😂😂😅

  23. Tanmay Bajaj
    Tanmay Bajaj
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    Poor Michael.michael cried at the end.😢😭

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  25. милка с
    милка с
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    Зделаи. Новаие. Видео

  26. راكان المولى
    راكان المولى
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    12 ימים לפני

    Apakah ada sub indo?

  28. مجمج قيمر العدواني
    مجمج قيمر العدواني
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    خخخخحخ هههههه هيهيهيهييههييه زق

  29. Helena Choteau
    Helena Choteau
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  30. Sainaba Ebrahim
    Sainaba Ebrahim
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    Micheal is very funny

  31. Alif Rizki01
    Alif Rizki01
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    Yang mau bokep sama saya chat saja 082324019585

  32. Harish Dandika
    Harish Dandika
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  33. Gunawan Crownerz
    Gunawan Crownerz
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    Cresotor the fuck

  34. Gunawan Crownerz
    Gunawan Crownerz
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    Yg ciptain anak dajjal tergoblok

  35. Pro Utku Kral Bro
    Pro Utku Kral Bro
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    Oyyyy 😔😔😔😔😔

  36. Kresimir Markovic
    Kresimir Markovic
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    Poor michael,he dont deserve that

  37. Chro Karem
    Chro Karem
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  38. D E F A U L T
    D E F A U L T
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  39. Francisca Catalina Amigo Gómez
    Francisca Catalina Amigo Gómez
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    Pls esploit the employee of the month is one low racist the employee of the month

    1. Francisca Catalina Amigo Gómez
      Francisca Catalina Amigo Gómez
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      Poot michael

  40. Septimus2003
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  41. PabTSM
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    i know how you feel micheal

  42. قمر احمد
    قمر احمد
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  43. Blaze C
    Blaze C
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    2:19 Really funny!

  44. •MoonRose XOXO•
    •MoonRose XOXO•
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    Awwww why did u do that ending?! 🥺

  45. Ellen Barbosa
    Ellen Barbosa
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    Hahaha muito engraçadinho seus vídeos são

  46. Yahya ID
    Yahya ID
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    Please 5M Subscribers

  47. Metalhead
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    Feel so bad for Michael

  48. каты. матвей
    каты. матвей
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    Привет. Майкал

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    Gh Gh
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  51. Ingrid Conde
    Ingrid Conde
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    Jejejeje cat Micheael

  52. Julie Porter
    Julie Porter
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    I love the vids. And thanks for the laughs

  53. Azil Gaming
    Azil Gaming
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    Hello,AaronsAnimal i from Indonesia ❤️

  54. razibul huq khan
    razibul huq khan
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    well at least he tried

  55. Can’ın Dünyası
    Can’ın Dünyası
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  56. Claudia Contreras
    Claudia Contreras
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    Noooooo not phill again good job Michael your my employee of the month

  57. pheter X
    pheter X
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  58. Кирилл Попов
    Кирилл Попов
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    Чувак а ты можеш на руском разгаваривать

  59. Instant Shark
    Instant Shark
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    Legit the iMacs in this video are thick bois

  60. flying heart
    flying heart
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    Aww poor baby

  61. Daniel GUO
    Daniel GUO
    חודש לפני

    Micheal: You fuckin’ with me right. Phil: Man we both got fucked.

  62. Mohammed Ziyad V
    Mohammed Ziyad V
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    I love Michael 😚

  63. status dude
    status dude
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    This is not good video

  64. Aiden Clark
    Aiden Clark
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    His face 😂 2:22

  65. Kids sadoval
    Kids sadoval
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    Great vid pls make more pet peeve videos I love them I love Michael and beat dead lines

  66. The Wolf
    The Wolf
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    This cat is more dedicated than me

  67. Ethan Salvadore
    Ethan Salvadore
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    So sad

    חודש לפני

    Poor Micheal he sleep and then she changed he worked hard tho I'm very sorry Micheal :(

  69. Syed Ali
    Syed Ali
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    The way Michael covered his mouth out of regret and said 'Meow'❤

  70. randomgirl82
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    poor micheal

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    معاذ العمري
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  72. Mosa Matsaung
    Mosa Matsaung
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    I feel bad for that cat

  73. ZlatBurger Plays
    ZlatBurger Plays
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    Fun Fact: When you’re reading this you’re not in full screen

    1. ShiftyPlayed
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      no thanks

    2. michaella alcantara
      michaella alcantara
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      @ShiftyPlayed {\_/} (•_• ) (>🧠) take it.

    3. ShiftyPlayed
      חודש לפני

      @michaella alcantara you actually can see comments in full screen

    4. michaella alcantara
      michaella alcantara
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      I know cause you can't see comments in full screen

  74. Chrisyani De La Cruz
    Chrisyani De La Cruz
    חודש לפני

    Sad stori

  75. Ticinha
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    Alguém segura o super gato. Someone hold the super cat.

  76. Damares Dias
    Damares Dias
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    Amo esses videos 🐱🐱🐱🐱

  77. Food Fun 食の楽しみ
    Food Fun 食の楽しみ
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    These young and beautiful people in the video make me feel really old😂👍

  78. Adam Lewis Jon McBryde
    Adam Lewis Jon McBryde
    חודש לפני

    I feel sorry for him at the end when he get unemployer if the month

  79. destiny
    חודש לפני

    why is micheal not employee of hte montht his is so sad please micheal

    1. destiny
      חודש לפני

      miceahl try so hard :(

  80. Sanjana N
    Sanjana N
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    I feel sad for michal

  81. Usman Muhammad Hafiz
    Usman Muhammad Hafiz
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    luv ur vids

  82. C.shekhar Kumar
    C.shekhar Kumar
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    I am from india I like your video arron

  83. Hitesh Karmur
    Hitesh Karmur
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    Love from india! 🥰

    חודש לפני

    I felt bad for Michael from the employee of the month.

  85. Chang TC
    Chang TC
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    Awwwww he's poor 💔💔💔😭😭

    חודש לפני

    Feels bad for Michael's

  87. Subhadra Khanal
    Subhadra Khanal
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    Michael I love cat so cute and sweet and loving

  88. 프모냥
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  89. AdamRoy Game Saga
    AdamRoy Game Saga
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    Aww lil cat I’ll knock of that guy

  90. Judy Waleed
    Judy Waleed
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    How Phil is da best

  91. Df Gg
    Df Gg
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  92. Yermek Shegenbayev
    Yermek Shegenbayev
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    Это не справидливо (😡😡

  93. Niket
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    חודש לפני


  95. Leilanny Mendoza
    Leilanny Mendoza
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    Its kinda like in every episode micheal always seems down at the beggining

  96. Hatice Bozbay
    Hatice Bozbay
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  97. Настя Граділь
    Настя Граділь
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  98. mohammed akmal
    mohammed akmal
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    poor mikee😢 broken with toxic work culture 😞

  99. silja Purushotaman
    silja Purushotaman
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    Michael is the best employee of the m

  100. Aiman
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