The Matchmaker

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Prince Michael plays Hitch for the day after noticing Aaron could use some company.
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Talent: Shelise Hufstetler (Nancy), Emily Wilson (Jess), Ashley Bornancin (Gwen), Mikki Hernandez (Sara), Desi Molinari (Desi), Lorenzo Anzoleaga (Ex-Boyfriend), Michelle Benitez, Milo
Thanks for watching!
Thanks to everyone who helped including Pescado Dorado and Geezers in Santa Fe Springs for letting us use their restaurants to film.
Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Andrew
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Kijeon, Olivier B., Aaron
Production: Clark, Robert, Michelle, Micah, Reid


  1. 5MadMovieMakers
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    Michael sure types fast without opposible thumbs, but really needs to work on handing out better tips! Dude that guitarist has bills to pay

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      @Yolomantime y he thhf

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      @Yolomantime uuhfgxggovj

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    so cute

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    Ada indo kah

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    I have my kitty named lila Ps. I Love them both

  6. Zakayla Williams
    Zakayla Williams
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    Aaron can u my some Phil's video please he my me laugh tell micheal he my me laugh. But Phil's make laugh. So at all bye aarons and I am a big fan to

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    Woof & Meow
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    Bravo really good you are a great youtuber

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    Good job

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    I love this cat he is so cute

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    Clever cat

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    they must be related

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    I think michael should find a nice kitty for him also ❤

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    Video games, skateboarding, sleeping late... Hmm! lol

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    Look at me

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    انت افضل قط شاهدته وانت ذكي

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    aww so cuteeee🥺

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    Nature is good haha

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    I need that cat in my life

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    wow bother your cat os super cat

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    To indonesian,please🤗

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    How do you not have over 10m subs already!?

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    Hi sir good evening sir I like this voide frist I like your cat very much I am cat lover

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    Darshan Lalit Patil
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    The animation done is so cool. It looks so real

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    Cool 😎

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    I love the cat he is the cutest

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    Hehe so funny 😂

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    Son historias muy graciosas y lindas please subtítulos en español

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    I don't know much my gf suggested so I have to watch it ! But nice stuff love you my love😍

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    i have cat like Michael

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    Wtf this is so cute

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    I luv Michael 😍😍😍😍♥️

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    Silly cat 😄

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    ‏وربنا أخويا

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    Michael is a good actor😻😻😻

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    Não entendo nada mais é daora os vídeos kkk

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    I have watched a lot of his videos

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    3:54 cat cutest smile I haven't seen

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    Micheal is so sweet

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    Are they

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    I need this cat in heaven bro

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    Aaron you are awesome

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    is this cat real!!😱😱😱 as its wonderfull acting

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    Your cat is so cute 😍😍😍

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    Hej de

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    Only 1 *cat* have 5mil subs! Cat you are new star!

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    You have an well trained cat. And he is cute😉

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    Michael a good cat in de world

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    Michael in the end: What???

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    . N

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    Hello it's so adorable pets

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    So Cute 😻😍

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    love this video of this beautiful cat save watch over a thousand times

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    bang anu kucingnya kenapa

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    Itu kucing asli atau robot ,,pinter bner deh😁

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    Itslayk. @saytmurot

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    is the cats real yes or no

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    Walter Heinecke
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    La animación de Michael está muy bien Me encanta Michael aparte son muy buenos aparte es un mejor gato y eso yo tengo un gato que es igual con es igual que Michael en serio inteligente igual que Michael chicos tienen que ir muy muy buenísimo Michael Mi gato se llama Frank Me parece que se llama Franco se llama bueno amiga de Franco era más buenísimo se llama Tom Michael Michael sólo que quería conquistar una novia de La gata de su sueño será que ahora está enamorado y Había otro gato igual que Michael 💍😍🐱💖💝😻

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    У вас лучший канал в мире я вас люблю😍

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    Sub español plz

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    thats channel be brilliant

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